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About us

We’re For a World Where Everyone Feels Safe, Included and Respected

Fairspace’s story starts with our own experiences of harassment. In 2015, our stories fuelled new research that took root in Amsterdam and blossomed into something much greater than anyone could have imagined..

Driven by a shared determination to put an end to street harassment in the Netherlands,

With limited resources but boundless creativity, we used yoga mats as makeshift banners and whistles to raise public awareness about street harassment.

As the global #MeToo movement gained momentum in 2017, so did the impact of our efforts.

Municipalities sought our guidance on action plans, and news outlets amplified our message and our work

Later that year, we officially transformed into Fairspace. Co-founders Eve and Laura saw an opportunity – not only to address harassment in public spaces but also to focus on education and prevention.

In 2019, we responded to the growing attention to workplace harassment by launching our Safety and Inclusion in the Workplace trainings.

Embracing the spirit of participatory design, we integrated co-creation tools, empowering communities to play an active role in shaping their own futures.

As the world grappled with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we refused to let our mission falter.

Harassment didn’t stop, and neither did we. We adapted our materials to help remote teams build inclusive workplace cultures and paid special attention to online forms of harassment.

The year 2021 brought with it a painful reminder of the prevalence of harassment and violence with the tragic murder of Sarah Everard in the UK and shocking scandals in the Dutch media.

Fairspace’s work took on an even greater urgency as we renewed our commitment to prevention and education.

In 2023, Fairspace experienced a major phase of growth, winning a coveted multi-year grant from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science.

With this support, we expanded our bystander intervention activities and ventured into new territories in the realm of social safety, exploring digital tools, virtual reality, and more.

As our story unfolds, the team at Fairspace stands resolute, ready to embrace the future with open minds and an unyielding passion.

With each collaboration, we move one step closer to our vision – a world where everyone feels safe, included, and respected. Together, we continue to grow, to reach new places, and to extend our services to all corners of the world.


Our story is a testament to the power of grassroots efforts, showing that even the smallest actions can lead to a wave of change, shaping a better future for us all.

Our values


The way we work is accessible, contextualised and conscious of the diverse experiences of the people we work with


We break from typical approaches to ending harassment in the ways we design, adapt and carry out our work


We keep ourselves and our work honest, and we hold each other accountable to that


We believe that the best solutions are made together with the people that they impact

Fairspace: Who we are &
what we do for the communities

Our Team

Eve Aronson Fairspace

Eve Aronson

Eve co-founded Fairspace with Laura in 2017 and is the creative force behind Fairspace’s vision. Together with Laura, Eve plays a pivotal role in guiding Fairspace’s strategic initiatives and global growth. She manages Fairspace’s creative team and client portfolio outside of the Netherlands. Eve’s experience in sectors like social design, international development and start-ups gives her fresh insights and perspectives that drive Fairspace’s brand and impact. In her spare time, she likes to kayak, discover new places and have a gezellig drink with friends. Eve is currently based in Seattle, Washington in the United States.
Laura Ader Profile photo

Laura Adèr

Laura co-founded Fairspace with Eve in 2017 and is the operational powerhouse behind Fairspace’s vision. Together with Eve, Laura plays a driving role in guiding Fairspace’s strategic initiatives and securing high-level partnerships. Laura manages Fairspace’s operations and team in the Netherlands with unwavering dedication to a balance between wellbeing and success. She has a background in human rights and development cooperation, working towards the safety for refugees in the Middle East, safety of journalists, and safety of sex workers.
Myrthe van Gestel Fairspace

Myrthe van Gestel

Myrthe joined Fairspace in 2022 in the role of programme officer. She is in charge of our anti-street harassment programme, for which she manages projects in different cities across the Netherlands. In this capacity she works with education institutions, student associations, youth workers and policymakers. In her free time, Myrthe reads and writes a lot, and she is a fanatic Ashtanga yogi.
Judith Holzmann Fairspace Fairspace

Judith Holzmann

Judith joined Fairspace in 2022 as a trainer and is currently our Training Coordinator. This means that she is focused on expanding the Stand Up program and keeps in close contact with our pool of trainers. Judith studied Genderstudies and founded the Instagram-account @catcallsofnimma three years ago to combat street harassment. She is a fan of extensive cheese platters, plays dodgeball and loves going to the sauna.

Cedra van Erp

My name is Cedra (she/her) and I've joined Fairspace in December 2023 as a Training Coordinator. Together with Judith Holzmann I organize trainings and stay in touch with our trainers. I've studied Communication Science at Radboud University in Nijmegen and have an interest in social topics, which is why Fairspace fascinated me. I also love gardening, hiphop, boxing, cooking and (making) podcasts.
Jemuel Angela

Jémuel Angela

Jémuel joined Fairspace in 2023 as part of the creative team. Together with Sertley, he is responsible for the web design/development and maintenance of the digital environments of Fairspace. As a (Digital) Designer, Jémuel wonders what will happen when people explore spaces with a curious attitude and an open perspective. Driven by curiosity & discovery, he creates experiences that unfold in a playful manner.
Sertley Angela fairspace

Sertley Angela

Sertley joined Fairspace in 2023 as part of the creative team. Together with Jémuel, he is responsible for the web design/development and maintenance of the digital environments of Fairspace. As a Creative Developer, Sertley creates experiences by fusing the physical and digital space through creative concepts, design and technology to provoke emotions, fascination, questioning and wonderment.
Matheus Santana Fairspace

Matheus Santana

Matheus is an embodiment of the passionate Brazilian culture and inclusive queer background. As a TikTok/Instagram influencer he had more than 80 million views for his own profile, where he invites Dutch people to understand and celebrate his queer perspective. When Matheus is not working, he is still creating creative content and loves being around people with a camera in his hands.
Juliana Rojas Fairspace

Juliana Edith Rojas

Juliana joined Fairspace in 2022 as a graphic designer, for which she creates pieces and adjusts documents visually for better communication. Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, her goal is to use design as a tool to create a positive social impact, from different fronts. She sees the curiosity that precedes creativity as her designer superpower.
Nancy Duiker

Nancy Duiker

My name is Nancy Duiker and I help organizations create and promote a safe and pleasant workplace for their employees. Besides being trained and certified at the National Institute for Confidential Advisors, I have been trained in listening and solution-focused facilitation. This education has given me a solid basis to be a good conversation partner for your employees. I address issues with a positive approach to solution-finding, so that both employees and the organisation can feel satisfied.
zeynep Ugur Fairspace scaled Fairspace

Zeynep Uğur

Zeynep joined Fairspace in 2023 as a strategic designer, for which she facilitates co-creation processes, develops creative research tools, and visualizes impact. Being from Istanbul, she is passionate about society and its complexities. Taking a systemic approach, she works towards societal transition by blending social sciences with design and technology.
Join the fairspace team Fairspace

Join our team

Join Fairspace and help us change the way people experience public space in the Netherlands!

We are looking for YOU!

Join Fairspace and help us change the way people experience public space in the Netherlands! We empower our team to design their own actions. That means if you have an idea, a plan and passion to get it started, we make it happen.
Fairspace is looking for people who are passionate about using their skills and background to fight public injustice and to make our streets safer. We’re all about thinking outside of the box and working together for real impact. Could this be you? Then read on!

You Are:

Your time:
Most important for us is your dedication and motivation. Depending on the number of events and actions, we ask for an availability of 1 to 4 hours per week. We work mostly remotely as a team through email, slack and WhatsApp, but we meet in person about once a month, usually in a cozy cafe or bar over a drink.

If you are worried about time management, don’t be— we’ve got your back and will work with you to figure out what fits!

We offer:

  • A chance to be part of a recognized movement in the Netherlands and part of an international network
  • An opportunity to use your expertise and creativity to achieve social impact for gender justice in your own unique way
  • Our growing network of non-profits, local and national government offices and creatives
  • Online training opportunities together with volunteers from local Hollaback! sites around the world
  • Access to our network of changemakers and do-gooders
  • Often, we will be able to reimburse travel costs and compensation.


Sara Verlee fairspace

Sara Verlee

Since being actively involved in Amensty's campaign #LetsTalkAboutYes, Sara Verlee (she/they) has had an interest in topics like social safety and consent, which are still current themes within her professional life. Next to being a trainer at Fairspace, they are also Project Lead Community at Bi+ Nederland, a Dutch non-profit that works on bi+ inclusion, building communities for bi+ people both offline and online. In their free time they sometimes write pieces for Expreszo, the Dutch online magazine for LGBTI+ youth.
Zakia Bouhaulin Fairspace

Zakia Bouhaulin

Zakia Bouhaulin joined our Fairspace team as a trainer in January 2022. With a bi-cultural background, she is dedicated to working extensively with women and youth. Zakia is a certified trainer from Brain Bakery and brings a wealth of experience to our organization. Additionally, she serves as a journalist and online influencer, boasting a substantial reach through her platforms where she actively engages with her followers on important topics, including addressing issues related to sexual misconduct and boundaries. As the host of the online YouTube program "Spot On," produced by KRO-NVRC, she conducts interviews with various individuals on subjects often shrouded in taboo or difficulty in discussion.
Judith Kuijt fairspace Fairspace

Judith Kuijt

Judith joined Fairspace in 2021. She is a freelance consultant with Fairspace who supports a number of projects such as fundraising campaigns, content for social media and setting up and sending the newsletter.
Lotte Senior Fairspace

Lotte Senior

Sarah achahbar Fairspace Fairspace

Sarah Achahbar

Sarah joined Fairspace in 2022 as a seasoned trainer and advisor. She boasts expertise in addressing issues related to online and street-based sexual harassment and violence, with a specialized focus on matters concerning bi-cultural and LGBTIQA+ individuals. Furthermore, Sarah provides invaluable guidance on matters of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) within policy frameworks. In addition to her advisory role, Sarah conducts workshops and offers guidance on a wide spectrum of critical themes, including the Right to Self-determination, Emancipation, Youth Empowerment, and Domestic Violence. Sarah's academic background is anchored in criminology, where she has honed her knowledge and skills in investigating crimes perpetrated by individuals in positions of power. To stay updated on her insights and initiatives, you can follow Sarah on Instagram at @powherfulcoaching.
Miranda Deckers fairspace klein Fairspace

Miranda Deckers

Miranda werkt sinds 2023 bij Fairspace als trainer. Ze heeft een achtergrond in cultuurwetenschappen en gender studies. In haar vrije tijd zwemt, danst en leest ze graag. Miranda woont in Zuid-Limburg
Merel Visser Fairspace

Merel Visser

Merel joined Fairspace at the beginning of 2023 and is one of our trainers. She has a background in Humanistic studies and works as a teacher in sexual education. Merel lives in Utrecht, but she still likes to visit Terschelling, the island where she grew up. In her spare time, she loves to dance and watch arthouse movies.
Aafke Mastenbroek Fairspace

Aafke Mastenboek

Aafke is sinds 2023 aan het werk als trainer bij Fairspace en stimuleert samenwerkingen met partijen. Daarnaast is ze masterstudent in Internationaal recht en mensenrechten en is ze werkzaam in Vrouwenrechten. Ze is tevens actief bij Amnesty bij Let’s Talk About Yes en zet zich in voor het tegengaan van seksueel grensoverschrijdend gedrag in het studentenleven
Leeza Adil Fairspace

Leeza Adil

My name is Leeza Adil, and I have grown up in Karachi,Pakistan, where I witnessed the lack and importance of community solidarity , awareness and safety firsthand. I moved to the Netherlands 4 years ago and do speak a bit of Dutch as well. Currently, I am pursuing a degree in Creative Technology at the University of Twente in Enschede, where I have had the opportunity to develop a strong foundation in creative problem-solving, communication, and technology. I have unwavering motivation and dedication in deeply wanting to make a positive impact on the communities I am a part of. In addition to my academic pursuits, I possess strong social and confidence-building skills. I understand that being a trainer requires the ability to engage with diverse audiences, create a safe and inclusive learning environment, and empower individuals to take action. My experiences have honed these skills, and I am eager to apply them to the meaningful work of Fairspace.
Sharon Chigozie Ubani Fairspace

Sharon Chigozie Ubani

Sharon has been involved with Fairspace as a co-creation facilitator since 2023. Sharon has a passion for research, education and innovation and prefers to combine the three to help build a more just world. Sharon has a background in criminology and sustainable business administration, has lived abroad for approximately 2.5 years and focuses, among other things, on human-centered innovation, project management and providing training on social safety.
Alexandra Mulder Fairspace

Alexandra Mulder

Alexandra joined Fairspace in 2022 with the tour bus campaign and later on became a trainer based in Enschede. She is the chair and activist leader of the Let's Talk About Yes campaign and Amnesty International Student Group in the University of Twente. She shares Fairspace motivation to end sexual violence in all spaces through opening the conversation and empowering individuals.
Judith Rommens Fairspace

Judith Rommens

Judith joined Fairspace at the beginning of 2023 as a trainer. She has a background in International Development with a specialisation in sociology and gender studies. She is also active at Amnesty’s campaign Let’s Talk About Yes which is focused on fighting sexual violence. Judith lives in Wageningen and enjoys dancing, writing and nature walks.
evelien konings Fairspace

Evelien Konings

Evelien (they/she) is active as a consent educator and intersectional activist and has worked with survivors of sexual violence. Their experiences have made them deeply passionate about trauma-sensitive approaches and inclusivity, especially uplifting queer and neurodivergent identities. They also have a background in ecology and have turned their focus to the many intersections of human-nature relationships, climate justice, and mental health. In short: combining all of their passions to fight for a more just world. Evelien is based in Amsterdam where they love to run around green spaces with their dog, play board games, and visit the many cinemas and music venues in the city.
Martina Kalcic Fairspace

Martina Kalcic

Martina joined Fairspace at the end of 2017. She is in charge of video campaign and is also a part of workshop development and facilitation team. Martina lives in Amsterdam and is currently preparing to apply for a Ph.D. program. In her spare time, she loves to play tabletop games, experiment with new cake recipes, travel and discover hidden parts of the city.
Lilly van der Hoek Fairspace Fairspace

Lilly van der Hoek

Lilly (she/her) has worked for Fairspace since 2022 and gives workshops on bystander intervention, workplace safety, and victim-centered approaches after sexual violence. She's always interested in starting the conversation, exploring nuances or intersections, and giving people practical tools to combat all forms of harassment.
Besides working at Fairspace, Lilly is active as a workshop coordinator at Emancipator. A foundation that focuses on the emancipation of men, as well as making men part of the solution to gender inequality.
In her free time, Lilly likes to write inclusive fantasy books and play video games.

Lot Schuringa

Lot met Eve through a mutual acquaintance and joined Fairspace in 2020. She is part of the facilitation team and supports partnerships. She is a training facilitator and a humanitarian professional. In her spare time, she likes to cook, read books and go for long walks while listening to podcasts. Lot lives in Amsterdam.
Simone de Jonge Fairspace

Simone de Jonge

Simone joined Fairspace in 2017 and is in charge of workshop development and facilitation. In her spare time, she likes to run, cook, and travel. Simone lives in Amsterdam and works as a civil servant.
Daniela Maria Torres

Daniela Maria Torres

Daniela joined Fairspace this year as part of the facilitation and content creation team. She is originally from Quito, Ecuador, and is a social psychologist and training development professional. During her free time, Daniela loves to cook traditional Latin American dishes, snorkel, and explore local produce farms. She is currently based in Arnhem.

Supervisory Board

Esther Smit Fairspace

Esther Smit

Esther has one foot in the business world and the other in the art world as a performer. Her business experience has a wide range; from project management and sales to IT and Compliance. As a performer her experience on stage is both national and international. She is an excellent connector and creative.
Ramya Kandhasamy

Ramya Kandhasamy

Ramya develops and implements strategies that drive bottom-line growth and improve organisational performance. With over 13 years of experience, including 11 years at Yahoo and in management, she has a track record of transforming visions into tangible results. Her work has impacted over 20 startups, enterprises, non-profits, and entrepreneurs across EMEA, NAR and APAC
Gamila Ylstra

Gamila Ylstra

Gamila Ylstra is (executive) board member, independent project leader and advisor in the film and media sector. She represents the Netherlands Audiovisual Producers Alliance (NAPA) in the boards of Collective Management Organizations, the Creative Media Industry Platform (PCMI) and anti-piracy foundation Brein. She is a board member of media funding bodies such as CFAP and the Abraham Tuschinski fund and media advisor for the Council for Culture, a body established by law to advise the Dutch Government.

Milestones & Achievements

Laura Adèr, een van de oprichters van Fairspace, zit op een bank te vertellen met een microfoon in haar hand. Ze is te gast bij Pakhuis de Zwijger.
Myrthe van Gestel is aan het presenteren voor een groep jonge mensen.
team or award shot Fairspace
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