Photo blog Bystander Intervention Lost in Translation

Bystander Intervention Lost in Translation – (mis)Steps Towards Safer AZCs

Harassment, discrimination, intimidation and (sexual) violence are only some of the issues a person living in a Dutch Asylum Seekers Center (AZC) is subjected to while waiting for their legal status to be approved or denied. A great deal of everyday interactions are very complex and influenced by multiple factors and therefore there is no one-fit-all solution that can solve all of the problems arising from those interactions. Considering that this is a multi-layered issue, we wanted to approach this problem from another perspective; by offering Bystander Intervention (BI) as a potential solution that has proven its effectiveness in various contexts. 


But Bystander Intervention can literally get lost in translation, and the methodology can not always be translated into every context. In our blog you can read why we had to seriously reconsider our approach to improving safety in AZC’s.

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