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Bystander intervention training

Remote or in-person sessions designed to challenge, engage and dive deep. We use interactive tools, (virtual) action rounds and multimedia formats to create an open space for exchange. Participants walk away with the framework, the practical tools and the pro tips to enable them to step up and speak out as bystanders in their organisations or communities. 

Our bystander workshops focus on topics including:

  • Street harassment
  • Unconscious bias
  • Bystander intervention
  • 4D methodology

Practical information

*We are currently able to offer our trainings to Amsterdam-based educational and community organisations for free. For all others, please request a quote through our contact page.

Gemeente Amsterdam

"The City of Amsterdam wants to prevent and end street harassment in Amsterdam. Fairspace contributes to this through their bystander intervention workshops"

Gemeente Amsterdam
College mensenrechten

"Fairspace is distinguished by its focus on society as a whole. It is not only aimed at perpetrators and / or victims. Behavioral change on the street requires a culture change: street harassment is not acceptable. Therefore, one of the helpful pillars of their work is bystander intervention. They have now reached many people."

Jury MensenrechtenMens-prijs 2019
College voor de Rechten van de Mens
Hyperion Lyceum

"During social studies classes, I organized workshops 'bystander intervention' together with Fairspace to discuss street harassment. The quality of the workshop is very high and fitted well with the experiences of the participants. During the workshop, the students were given guidance on how to deal with street harassment. It was great to see what a difference this workshop has made for countless boys and girls at my school. The students are more confident and feel more connected to each other."

Teacher, social studies

"Fairspace showcased their expertise in building free and fair public spaces with a group of Oxfam and partners’ policy and campaigns staff from all over the world. Our session with Fairspace was very engaging! Participants were truly inspired and asked a lot of questions on Fairspace’s way of working, successes and challenges. Fairspace works in a professional and respectful manner, quickly winning trust of the participants. Working with Fairspace, Oxfam and partners benefited from the experience and can integrate the lessons learned into their own work, especially in the work related to changing social norms and ending violence against women."

Brigitte Obertop
Project Lead Gender Justice, Oxfam Novib
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Creative tools and practical strategies

Fairspace has trained more than 500 citizens in our bystander intervention workshops, which offer creative tools and practical strategies in an interactive (and dare we say fun!) format.

Feeling safe and included is important to create cultures of respect. By encouraging a shift in attitudes, beliefs, and behaviour, bystander education programs have been found to prevent (sexual) harassment and other forms of inappropriate behaviour, and to motivate more positive, respectful and constructive interactions.

Winner MensenrechtenMens 2019

Fairspace founders Laura Adèr and Eve Aronson have won the 2019 MensenrechtenMens award for their commitment to tackling violence against women in public spaces. The prize was awarded on December 10, the International Human Rights Day.

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