A global movement against street harassment
Fairspace’s flagship Hollaback! initiative is part of a worldwide movement that uses education and technology to achieve gender justice in public spaces.

As of November 2017, Hollaback! Nederland became part of Stichting Fairspace. Creating our new home under the umbrella of Fairspace is not only exciting – it makes our home in the Netherlands official and opens us up to greater partnership and funding opportunities.

Hollaback! Nederland was started in March 2015 by a group of students and young professionals. As the Netherlands’ first online platform against street harassment, we have three main goals:

Name and act

By providing an easy-to-access public space to share stories about street harassment, harassers can be called out and bystanders, community members, and policymakers called into action.

Support and strategize

Got a story of street harassment to tell? We’ve got your back! Our resources section is filled with people and places ready to provide support and share strategies against future encounters.

Spread the word

Street harassment might occur in an instant (or many instances), but we want to keep the conversation going, to get others involved and create a robust movement that can combat street harassment in our city… and beyond.