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No ‘right’ to jog through the park

By October 10, 2016No Comments

I was jogging through Flevopark as it started getting dark. I tried to go a bit faster as there are no lights in the park (what’s up with that anyways??), when almost reaching the exit I saw two guys hanging out a bit ahead of me. I thought of turning around and taking another way since I was alone, but since that would’ve been a long detour I decided not to. I tried to ignore them, but I saw they kept glancing in my direction as I got nearer, and just as I passed I heard one of them calling something at me. I couldn’t make out what as I was wearing headphones, but the whole incident left me feeling uneasy and vulnerable, like somehow I don’t have a as much of a ‘right’ to be in parks at night as they do, which is silly of course…

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