Maand: juli 2017

Hey Tjap Tjoy!

I was walking down the Haarlemmerweg with my sister and husband, when a guy bikes away from his group of Indian friends and yells “Hey Tjap Tjoy!” (Chop Suey) to me. The guy doesn’t even notice when I yell things back at him and continues biking.

Racial slur from tourist

I was walking with my sister and husband down Leidsestraat when a tourist out of a group of men repeatedly yells “Ni Hao” to me, laughing about it.

Racial slur from bus driver

I always greet bus drivers when I enter the bus. However with this particular driver, my greeting in Dutch is responded with a high pitched shrieking of “NI HAOO!!”. This happened to me twice on one day with the same driver. I filed a complaint about it and only get a written response that his …

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Drive by racism

I was walking from the parking garage with my husband when someone who drove by yelled “NI HAOO!!!” to me out of his window. We couldn’t identity the person who yelled this racial slur because he was already out of sight.

Racial slurs and sexism

I was walking in the Westerstraat on my way to the post office to pick up a package, when I walked past a group of older, disheveled (alcoholic) looking men. A man looked at me and said “Arigato” when I walked by. Even with my sunglasses on, he still took the time to identify and …

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Sexually harassed by gay men and it’s still not OK

Photo credit:¬† Submitted by Ghanwa, 3 July 2017 June is celebrated as Pride Month, a celebration of sexuality, sexual orientations and gender identities. I, a bisexual cis woman, too joined the Utrecht Pride to partake in the celebration and the festivities. However, I soon realized that my idea of sexual liberation and freedom, which finds …

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