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from ‘nice jugs’ to ‘hairy legs’, harassers don’t let up

By oktober 10, 2016No Comments

It’s been nice weather in Holland two days in a row now, which means it’s time for summer clothes. Which also means; let the catcalling begin (or intensify). On day one a boy felt it to be necessary to tell me I had “Great Juggs” (literal words). After a few steps to process what had happened I turned around and yelled “fuck you” loud and clear. I got a small fuck you back when I walked on.
Day two, today, I was walking in the middle of a crowded street where a man felt it necessary to walk up to me and say something vile. I flipped him the finger and walked on, to which he replied with: Hairy legs, she’s got hairy legs! (a correct observation, as I do not feel the need to shave my legs), bodyshaming me in front of as many people as he could because he felt rejected?
Let’s see what tomorrow will bring.

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