Indecent exposure in “the calm” Eindhoven

After living some years in the calm Eindhoven and learning about the super security systems in Stratumsedijk, I was never worried about walking alone in the night. One day, I was walking back home around 10 pm after meeting some friends. Hidden behind some parked bikes, in the city centre, there was a semi naked man touching himself and looking at me. At the beginning I didn’t get it, it was totally out of my mind that something like this could happen in Eindhoven. Then I walked fast, with a secure pase. Few meters after, when I reached the pedestrian traffic light I was mad at myself. I didn’t want to be afraid of walking this route. I didn’t want to be worried when I walk, checking if there is any danger around. Definitely, the naked guy didn’t have the right to remove me my sense of safety!!
Not knowing the police number, I called my husband and he called the police. I don’t know if the police catched the naked guy.
I continued walking the same route, I did my best to recover my full sense of safety. I did recover some but I every time I was ready to call the police 112.