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“It’s so sad that this is not being dealt with”

By juni 21, 2017No Comments

Many, many times in Groningen (city center).. Not only street intimidation is a weekly thing there (calling you names, following you, shouting ‘kankerhoer’ in your face, while I am just walking home with my groceries), but also physically harassing happened to me frequently. Guys harassing you, and when you kindly ask to stop touching you (you’re legs, butt and breasts; yes it’s true!), you’re being beaten on the head by a bunch of guys. I have experienced this several times, both in evening and midday. It’s so sad that this is not being dealt with at all. People often don’t believe you, or even blame you while doing absolutely nothing to provoke this kind of behavior, and the police does nothing at all (and yes, I’ve called them several times). Hope sharing my story helps..