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Laat me met rust!

By januari 3, 2019No Comments

At a Friday night I was cycling home. Not far from my house I noticed a group of about ten male students loudly approaching. I sped up and tried to leave as much space between me and them as possible while I passed them, but as soon as they saw me they blocked my path, forcing me to brake. When I slowed down just enough, trying to find a way out, another guy grabbed my luggage carrier and lifted the rear of my bike off the ground. They jokingly asked me if I would like to fuck one particular guy. I didn’t think it was funny and angrily told the guys to let me go. They just laughed. I then became so angry I burst the words “LAAT ME MET RUST!” (leave me alone) from the top of my lungs. The guys were completely shocked and my bike was dropped. I raced out of there. My luck had been that I wasn’t scared (I think it’s just that I know drunk students can be like this), so I didn’t freeze or anything, I was just really, really angry.
Two older men had heard me scream and tried to stop me again, asking if they could beat the boys up for me, I didn’t want them to and they did scare me, I said it was OK, dodged them and continued.

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