“Walking home alone”

A car was following me, then a guy inside screamed at me to get in… First I ignored him, then I told him to f* off. Walking home alone changed after that.

Not safe after dark

On several occasions (always after 10pm in the dark) someone followed me home on a bicycle from this area and stalked around my flat for a while. Female friends in the neighborhood have had the same experiences. During the day everything feels save and good, but I don’t like going out on my own in …

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“I’ve had it”

I was walking down with a friend on Oudegracht, a main street with lots of people, during mid day. Three boys, couldn’t have been older than fifteen, started following us mimicking everything I said in what ‘my accent.’ I have always been a strong advocate of speaking out so I turned, red with rage, and …

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Are bicycles harassers’ new getaway vehicle?

Ik liep met een vriendin over straat. Vanuit de tegengestelde richting kwam een meneer aangefietst. Terwijl hij langs ons fietste verminderde hij vaart en fluisterde ons allerlei seksueel getinte opmerkingen toe. Toen ik terugriep of hij kon herhalen wat hij zei en of hij gek geworden was, fietste hij snel door maar bleef achterom kijken. …

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