Without me wanting to

Got approached from behind by a strange guy that touched me inappropriately without me wanting to, or me even seeing that he came up to me.

Don’t tell me to smile

I was already trying to ignore this guy. But he kept catcalling me while I was waiting at the traffic light. Telling me to smile and that I look great and whatever. Don’t tell me to smile.

“Walking home alone”

A car was following me, then a guy inside screamed at me to get in… First I ignored him, then I told him to f* off. Walking home alone changed after that.

Hey Tjap Tjoy!

I was walking down the Haarlemmerweg with my sister and husband, when a guy bikes away from his group of Indian friends and yells “Hey Tjap Tjoy!” (Chop Suey) to me. The guy doesn’t even notice when I yell things back at him and continues biking.

Racial slur from tourist

I was walking with my sister and husband down Leidsestraat when a tourist out of a group of men repeatedly yells “Ni Hao” to me, laughing about it.

Ni hao!

I was walking towards the bus stop minding my own business when out of nowhere a guy yells “Ni Hao!” to me.