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Where is the respect?

By juni 1, 2018No Comments

Just walked in my street to enjoy the evening sun. It’s the first warm evening. Brought a visit to a friend and was still thinking about what we spoke of. I’m fully dressed, appropriate I think. There’s no bare skin to see on me.

A man in the age of 60 walks by and spits next to me on the ground. Loud and clear. It wasn’t the first time this happened. Always the spitting and sexual offends from men from all ages throughout the years. I don’t like living in the Netherlands no more. But I grew up here, were I learned from my parents and grandparents how to treat people nice.

I’m seriously asking myself every time again when it happens. Where’s is the respect. I’m even a mother of 3 almost grown up kids. How can they treat people like that?*

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