Tailor-made for Impact
We understand that people have different experiences in public space That’s why we focus on tailor-made solutions for the diverse communities with whom we work.

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Cities Engaged

Our work is focused on two main areas: education and empowerment. Our current activities include: bystander intervention workshops, local artist exhibitions, film screenings, online campaigns, lobbying and advocacy with local cities and the Dutch government and more. All of our work is centered around partnerships that we build with civil society, grassroots and cultural organizations, municipalities and local creatives. 

We are always open to exploring new and innovative ways of improving everyone’s experience in public space and are especially keen on holistic and blended interventions.

Learn more about the diverse activities we do with our flagship Hollaback! project, our training and more.

All of our tools are always tailor-made to the diverse communities we work with. We do this through our participatory methodology in order to develop solutions that are relevant and lasting.

Reach out to us at info@fairspace.co to connect.