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Playing Ingress and Called a Whore

By October 10, 2016No Comments

I was playing Ingress (an awesome GPS game).
At some point I was busy upgrading a portal when a ball rolls to me. But I didn’t feel to kick it back because I was on my bike.
I heard someone saying “Yo girl, pass the ball”. (note; I am 35 years old)
I ignored and left but then I heard the same voice saying “Whore!”
Than I turned around, and asked who called me a whore.
I saw two boys and two girls. Aged about 11 years old.
They were silent and looked at their phones and one of the boys looked at the floor. I knew he was the one.
I asked again and one of the girls asked what, doing as she didn’t hear anything.
I turned around and looked over my shoulder and saw her laughing at the boy looking down.

The evening before i was also playing Ingress, I was at the same playcourt and someone on a bike passed by. He said “pss pss” (certain people in The Netherlands think it’s normal to approach women lik that) so I yelled back to him “Act normal! I’m not a dog or anything like that.”

It happens all the time. Men saying psspss
It’s so annoying.

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