Advice and strategy

Working together with local municipalities like Gemeente Amsterdam or national platforms like the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Fairspace offers strategic and policy advice on how to use holistic and intersectional approaches to ending street harassment, promoting bystander intervention and achieving free and fair public spaces in the Netherlands.

Local and national strategy

We offer our policy expertise in areas of:

  • Public Safety
  • Data Collection
  • Education
  • Awareness
  • Gender
  • Innovation

Based on the expertise of our team, we help shape local and national initiatives, including education materials and campaigns in schools or geared towards the general public.

And we leverage our network in the art and culture sectors for more dynamic and creative solutions.


Communication Campaigns

Fairspace offers advice and insights on how to most effectively raise awareness and trigger action from the public through online and offline communication campaigns including:

  • Web & social media
  • Poster