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Rapid harassment incident response

What can you do when you hear about an instance of harassment at your company, institution or organisation? We offer immediate support and guidance to help you respond to reports of different forms of harassment, including sexual, racial, homophobic and others.

Our rapid incident response includes:

  • Step-by-step guidance of management on how to appropriately address the situation
  • Direct resolution-focused intervention with individuals involved
  • Policy and procedure review and recommendations
  • Training programme design to build company-wise culture of respect

Resolution-centred support

Incidents of harassment require swift and committed attention. They can be one-off incidents or symptoms of a wider problem.

We offer concrete tools and strategies to help your company, institution or organisation respond to incidents of harassment. We guide you through the steps to take once an incident has come to your attention. We step in when requested to assess the situation and the perspectives of the people involved. And we highlight areas of opportunity to strengthen your organisational culture moving forward.

Winner MensenrechtenMens 2019

Fairspace founders Laura Adèr and Eve Aronson have won the 2019 MensenrechtenMens award for their commitment to tackling violence against women in public spaces. The prize was awarded on December 10, the International Human Rights Day.

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