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He licked his lips

A while back, I was biking in the afternoon and made eye contact with a man that was walking nearby. He licked his lips suggestively and kept eye contact. I kept biking to quickly pass him and felt so uncomfortable, I was really thrown off and felt so weird.

Touching my ass while passing by

I early twenty, and was looking at the timetable at platform 2. Platform 2 is a very wide platform and it wasn’t crowded at all when it happened. While I was looking, I felt something like a finger or part of a hand gliding across my butt. I was surprised that I had any physical contact in such a quiet area, so it took some time for me to process what exactly happened. And when I looked up, the person was already out of sight.

Anonymous’ story: sexual harassment while on a jog

I was running through Leiderdorp in the evening. I used to take this route and I never expected harassment here. However, I was waiting for the traffic lights and a boy was waiting with his bicycle. When I walked further slowly, he did not pass me. After a few meters he did. A bit later he returned while making masturbation signs. I still ignored him. Then he started talking, asking me the time, my number and whether I would kiss him. Of course, I rejected. Luckily, he cycled further. However, he changed my feelings of being safe while running.

“Hey, Honey!!”

I had parked my car on the parking lot next to the station to get a sandwich in the afternoon. I got out of my car and walked to the station (which I had to cross in order to get to the city centre). A man was standing in front of the station and he yelled ‘Hey! Where are you going? Hey, honey! What are you going to do? Hey, honey! Honey! Are you going to enjoy the city centre? Honey! I stopped and stared at him full of anger. He just laughed at me and said, Hey, honey! Come on! I was really scared that he would come after me.

Just wanted to rent a bike

At the bike rental place, the guy who rents out the bikes catcalls me every time I come to get a bike. Today he ran after me while I was biking away and grabbed the bike to halt it. He proceeded to talk to me about what I was wearing. I did not feel safe.

Without me wanting to

Got approached from behind by a strange guy that touched me inappropriately without me wanting to, or me even seeing that he came up to me.

You're not alone. We believe you.