Don’t tell me to smile

I was already trying to ignore this guy. But he kept catcalling me while I was waiting at the traffic light. Telling me to smile and that I look great and whatever. Don’t tell me to smile.

Sexually harassed by gay men and it’s still not OK

Photo credit:¬† Submitted by Ghanwa, 3 July 2017 June is celebrated as Pride Month, a celebration of sexuality, sexual orientations and gender identities. I, a bisexual cis woman, too joined the Utrecht Pride to partake in the celebration and the festivities. However, I soon realized that my idea of sexual liberation and freedom, which finds …

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“I’ve had it”

I was walking down with a friend on Oudegracht, a main street with lots of people, during mid day. Three boys, couldn’t have been older than fifteen, started following us mimicking everything I said in what ‘my accent.’ I have always been a strong advocate of speaking out so I turned, red with rage, and …

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“Hallo, lekker ding”

Ik kwam uit de supermarkt en stapte met mijn boodschappen op de fiets. Een man liep langs me, stopte en zei “hallo, lekker ding”. Zat ik echt op te wachten!

“Hij bleef staren”

Ik was op weg naar mijn werk vroeg in de ochtend, het was nog donker. In tegengestelde richting kwam een man aanfietsen, op hetzelfde fietspad. Terwijl hij langs fietste keek hij mij verlekkerd aan en bleef staren.

He tried to rape me

I was harassed here a couple of years ago around this time of year, at 7 in the morning. A guy grabbed me at all the wrong places a tried to rape me, failed because I could run away. He was caught by the police. He was a crazy drug addict.