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What we do

We Educate, Empower, Shape & Co-create

Harassment happens everywhere. People are more likely to experience harassment because of their gender, sexuality, culture, age and ability level.

Most of us carry out our daily lives in one or more of these Spaces: the Community (think streets, public transport, cafes, bars/nightclubs), the Workplace (think the office, whether it’s onsite or remote) and Education (think schools, universities, student associations).


Our Governments (think local municipalities, national government bodies) often set and enforce the laws and policies that govern these Spaces.

Each space offers a different experience for everyone. Yet, harassment persists for very similar reasons, regardless of which space you’re in.  We customise our services for each space, so that our clients and partners feel connected, empowered and ready to end harassment when they witness it.

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Explore what we do in each Space:

Our approach

We create safer spaces for all by ending harassment. One street, one community, one workplace at a time. Our method is about prevention. About education.


Whether in a public space or at work, we offer the tools for everyone to activate as bystanders.


Everything we do is tailored to the needs and specific contexts of our partners. 

That means that after working with us, you’ll walk away with practical tools and tips on how you can make your community, school or workplace safer and more inclusive.

1. Assess

Evaluating the cultural ecosystem using easy-to-use tools that dive deep.

Strategy review Fairspace

Strategy review

Ecosystem mapping Fairspace


Surveying Fairspace


Culture auditing svg


Stakeholder interviewing Fairspace


Policy review

Policy review

2. Create

Creating useful and easy-to-understand tools for awareness and communication, using a creative and inclusive approach.



Participatory design


Creative writing

Creative writing

Technical writing




Digital tool development

Digital tool

Online platform development

Online platform



VR AR immersion Fairspace

VR/ AR immersion

Campaign strategy

Campaign strategy

3. Train

Creating customised training sessions based off of the knowledge gained from the Assess phase. These trainings use practical activities that are relevant to people’s experiences and immerse them in the learning process.

Custom content development

Custom content

Training design

Training design



Capacity building

Capacity building

Expert guidance

Expert guidance

4. Act

Getting everything ready to implement change with clear, actionable and time-bound recommendations that can be easily implemented and started right away.

Roadmap creation

Roadmap creation

Manifesto creation Fairspace

Manifesto creation

Recommendations delivery


Marketing & promotion

Marketing & promotion

Public speaking

Public speaking

5. Sustain

We make sure that the impact we want to make doesn’t end when the project does and offer several options for continued, longer-term support.

Refresher workshops Fairspace


Onboarding sessions


Post-project evaluation


Impact numbers




Trained in bystander intervention


Team members and company leaders trained


Community co-creators engaged


Advice given to the 5 largest cities in the Netherlands and national government on policies and legislation against harassment

Organisations that worked with us

What people say about us

"The training has brought the topic of 'workplace safety' back into focus. The discussions that arose during the training provided me, as a new employee of the organization, with immediate insight into how my colleagues perceive this issue. Furthermore, I also had the opportunity to form my own opinion."

Netherlands Enterprise Agency

"My overall experience was very refreshing! I highly recommend working with this team that's committed to taking their mission and impact to the next level!"

Ramya KandhasasmyStrategic Growth Advisor

"Fairspace believes that, in order to end violence against women, we need a culture shift. Fairspace shows us how to achieve this change. By engaging young people, Fairspace gives us hope that in the future, all women and girls can walk through public space safely."

Human Rights Councilthe Netherlands

'It was a pleasure to work with the Fairspace team! They had clear objectives and packaged all necessary resources in an easy-to-understand manner. They created space for candid and collaborative ideation which led us to have progressive and open dialogue throughout our engagement"

Ramya KandhasasmyStrategic Growth Advisor

Let’s create

safe spaces together

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