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Not everyone feels safe in public space.

Whether we realise it or not, simple experiences like walking down a street, riding a bus or train, or ordering a drink at a cafe or bar can feel very different depending on your gender, race, age, sexuality or ability level.

The Facts

Female icon communities

80% of women have been sexually harassed in public spaces like streets, nightlife or on public transport

LGBTQ Flag Community

Besides women and girls, research shows that LGBTQIA+ identified people overwhelmingly experience street harassment

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Dutch people with a migration background experience street harassment about 3 times as often as white Dutch people

This is how we can change it  together

We offer different types of Community services depending on the unique needs and contexts of your community  – from training, to campaign design, event planning, to digital and online tools and co-created solutions. 


Our community services are for:


  • Community groups 
  • Community organisations 

All of our services can be offered on their own or in combination with other services. 

All share the same goal: to end street harassment.

Free! Stand Up bystander intervention training

Basic introduction to street harassment and bystander intervention

What it is

  • A global training developed by our partners at Right to Be and L’Oreal Paris
  • Covers the essentials of bystander intervention in an interactive way
  • Not a customised training

What you get

Practical tools and the pro tips to step up and speak out as bystanders

1.5 hours per training

Fairspace social safety & inclusion training - customised

A training experience that is tailored to your community’s specific challenges and needs around social safety & inclusion

What it is

  • Customised workshops that use interactive tools and action rounds to create an open and safe space
  • Motivates participants to learn and exchange
  • Cover topics like:
    • Bystander intervention
    • Unconscious bias
    • Victim-blaming
    • Power & privilege
    • Harassment targeting specific protected characteristics (e.g., gender, sexuality, race, ability etc.)
    • and more

What you get

  • Practical tools and the pro tips to end harassment and build more safe and inclusive communities
  • Completion of Fairspace’s community training unlocks the opportunity to sign up for our train-the-trainer sessions
1.5 – 2 hours per training

Train-the-trainer sessions

Building capacity and activate your community to become social safety & inclusion trainers

What it is

  • We’ve enhanced our safety & inclusion trainings with trainer tips and tricks – so that anyone can be a facilitator! 
  • Tailored workshops
  • Equip community members and leaders with the know-how and confidence to facilitate Fairspace’s social safety & inclusion workshops themselves
  • Available on any of our social safety & inclusion training topics

What you get

Customised guide, tools and pro tips to increase capacity as trainers and active bystanders

3-hours per workshop 

*Fairspace is currently able to offer Stand Up trainings for free to communities and community organisations. See also our Free Stand Up training for schools and student associations.

Train-the-trainer sessions are not available for our free Stand Up workshops.

*Available for Fairspace’s social safety & inclusion intervention trainings. Not available for Stand Up trainings.

Online and digital tool creation

Engaging, interactive and accessible tools to activate your community around topics like bystander intervention, gender equality and sexual reproductive health and rights

What it is

  • Development or adaptation of online and digital tools
  • Encourage learning and exchange for safer, more inclusive communities.
  • Examples include: Online learning platforms, VR experiences, Educational videos, Digital toolkits

What you get

  • A digital tool or online space.
  • Content and exercises that are tailored to your community’s challenges and needs.
  • Increased awareness of street harassment and bystander intervention.
  • Rights to the digital tool or online platform and its content.

Campaign design

Reach a wider audience to raise awareness about street harassment and bystander intervention

What it is

  • Campaigns – both online and offline –  with messaging and design that relate to the community members you want to reach
  • Examples include: Poster campaigns, Billboards, Social media campaigns

What you get

  • Custom campaign strategy, design or advice based on your needs.
  • A public awareness tool that has the potential to positively impact everyone in your community.

Community events

Increase awareness and visibility of street harassment and bystander intervention and inspire, engage or activate community members

What it is

  • Events with community members and our partners to raise awareness about street harassment and bystander intervention
  • A space to learn, share and exchange
  • Examples include: Pop-up events, Womxn’s March, Art expos, Meet-and-greets

What you get

  • A fun, engaging and educational event for your community
  • Increased awareness of street harassment and bystander intervention

Co-created community solutions

Relevant tools and solutions to end street harassment that come from the experiences of community members themselves

What it is

  • Facilitation of projects where community members are actively involved in co-creating solutions to end street harassment
  • Outputs tailored to the specific contexts and experiences of community groups
  • Examples include: Educational card games, Policy briefs to (local) government, Audio tours , Co-design of public sporting spaces

What you get

  • Community ownership over the co-created solution
  • A solution that is truly contextualised to your community’s specific experiences and needs
  • Guided facilitation and support by Fairspace

Speaking: Inspire and call to action

Inspiring talks and call to actions around social safety & inclusion of industry experts

What it is

Speaking at community events to bring attention to sexual harassment, sexual violence and bystander intervention in public spaces

What you get

  • A tailored talk that offers real-world expertise and cases
  • An opportunity to ask questions directly to the experts

Impact numbers


People trained in bystander intervention


Community co-creators engaged


Online reach


Community events


Public awareness campaigns

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What people say about us

"Fairspace works in a professional and respectful manner, quickly winning trust of the participants."

Brigitte ObertopProject Lead Gender Justice, Oxfam Novib

"¡Fue genial! There was always an excellent willingness to create together."

"I will address someone in a more responsible way now"

Stand Up participant

"The training was accessible and the examples were clear"

Stand Up participant

"[The training] was clear and gave a lot of guidance"

Stand Up participant

"It was a comprehensive training that highlighted many perspectives"

Stand Up participant

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