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Harassment within the Education Space – at schools, universities or student associations – is alarmingly common.

Though many students experience or witness harassment, they are often reluctant to report because they worry they won’t be believed or might face retaliation.


At the same time, students, faculty and education officials don’t always know how to respond when they become aware of harassment or receive a report.


And within the workplace environment at a school or education institution, teachers and staff may also find themselves in an environment that is intimidating or that doesn’t feel safe, inclusive or respectful.

The Facts

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A significant number of incidents of sexual harassment and assault at schools and universities go unreported

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Faculty members can experience microaggressions, discrimination and gender-based harassment from their colleagues or high-ranking school officials

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Students who are sexually assaulted risk developing mental health conditions like PTSD

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Female, trans, and gender-nonconforming students face a higher risk of sexual violence

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Students who experience sexual harassment were more likely to report lower grades and a higher likelihood of dropping out

This is how we can change it  together

Feeling safe, included and respected is crucial for students, teachers and education staff alike. That’s why we offer a number of services customised to the Education space that offer practical tools to speak out and take action when unwanted behavior, sexual harassment or violence occurs.


Our Education services are for:


  • Student groups 
  • Student associations
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Administrators 

All of our services can be offered on their own or in combination with other services. 


All share the same goal: to end harassment at schools and universities.

Free: Stand Up bystander intervention training for students

You’re looking for a basic introduction to harassment and bystander intervention at your school, university or student association

What it is

  • A global training developed by our partners at Right to Be and L’Oreal Paris
  • Covers the essentials of bystander intervention in an interactive way
  • Not a customised training

What you get

Practical tools and the pro tips to step up and speak out as bystanders in schools or student groups

1-hour per training

Fairspace social safety & inclusion training in education - customised

You’re looking for a training experience that is tailored to your school’s specific challenges and needs around social safety & inclusion

What it is

  • Customised workshops
  • Interactive tools and action rounds to create an open and safe space
  • Motivates colleagues to learn and exchange.
  • Covers topics like:
    • Bystander intervention
    • Unconscious bias
    • Harassment targeting specific protected characteristics (e.g., gender, sexuality, race, ability etc.)
    • Navigating hierarchy in education
    • Inclusive educational leadership
    • and more

What you get

  • Practical tools and the pro tips to end harassment and build more safe and inclusive schools and universities 
  • Completion of Fairspace’s social safety & inclusion in education training unlocks the opportunity to sign up for our train-the-trainer sessions
1.5 – 2 hours per training

Victim-centered workshops: responding to incidents of sexual violence for students, faculty, staff, administrators

You have witnessed or received reports (official or unofficial) of sexual harassment or violence and want clear guidance and tools

What it is

  • Facilitated conversations about trauma sensitivity and what it means to use a victim-centered approach to sexual violence
  • Dialogue around what a victim-centered approach is
  • Sharing of do’s and don’ts and practicing with carefully- tailored scenarios 

What you get

  • Confidence to act appropriately and sensitively when students report sexual harassment or violence 
  • Improved knowledge on sexual violence, its impact and victim blaming within the education space
  • Faculty and staff gain confidence in and satisfaction with the institution’s ability to handle and prevent sexual violence
2-hours per workshop 

*Train-the-trainer sessions are not available with our free Stand Up workshops
Fairspace is currently able to offer Stand Up trainings for free to schools and student associations. See also our Free Stand Up training for communities.

Train-the-trainer sessions

You want to build capacity within your student association, school or university by becoming social safety & inclusion trainers yourselves

What it is

  • We’ve enhanced our training and workshops with trainer tips and tricks – so that anyone can be a facilitator! 
  • Tailored workshops designed to equip student groups, faculty, staff and administrators with the know-how and confidence to facilitate workshops themselves
  • Available on any of our social safety & inclusion training topics

What you get

  • A customised guide, tools and pro tips to increase capacity as trainers and active bystanders
2 – 4 hours per workshop (minimum of 2 workshops)

Student events

You want to create an occasion to inspire, engage or activate fellow students and teachers

What it is

  • Events with students and faculty to raise awareness about feeling safe, included and respected at school
  • Examples include:
    • Pop-up events
    • Meet-and-greets
    • Facilitated learning and creative sessions

What you get

  • A fun, engaging and educational event 
  • Increased awareness of on topics like harassment and bystander intervention

Speaking: Inspire and call to action

You’re looking for an industry expert to give an inspiring talk and call to action around social safety & inclusion at school or university

What it is

  • Speaking at school and university events to bring attention to sexual harassment, sexual violence and bystander intervention in education
  • Guest lectures for classes that focus on social safety and inclusion, gender studies, inclusive design and more

What you get

  • A tailored talk that offers real-world expertise and cases
  • An opportunity to ask questions directly to the experts

Impact numbers


Students trained on bystander intervention


Educational teams trained on social safety, bystander intervention and sexual violence


Collaborated with 32+ student associations for training or developing a safety policy

Education partners

What people say about us

"It was great to see what a difference this workshop has made for countless boys and girls at my school. The students are more confident and feel more connected to each other."


“The team at Fairspace did an impressive job at adapting the workshops to our specific needs, both in terms of the different target groups (students and staff) as well as a university with a very international student body. The workshops were very professionally implemented with fitting real-life examples for the different attendees. Both our students and staff were impressed, gained new knowledge and, most importantly, learned about a variety of practical ways to act as bystanders in potentially stressful situations. Thank you Fairspace, your work really had an impact!”

Marieke FröhlichRhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences

“Fairspace's workshop gave us new insights on the different ways to help during situations where unwanted behavior occurs. A well-known way may be to address an offender directly, but there are many other ways that can help in such situations. Moreover, which intervention is best varies from situation to situation. Super valuable to think about that and to see what you can do as a bystander during events in which unwanted behavior occurs!”

Student association BOW

"I was able to broaden my view about the options available to make interventions. Enough examples to become comfortable with the different options."

Stand Up participant

"There was plenty of room for discussion and questions."

Stand Up participant

"Clear overview given, some things feel logical but I hadn't thought about it before."

Stand Up participant

Let’s create

safe spaces together

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