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Over the past few years, wave after wave of high-profile #MeToo allegations  have put the spotlight on harassment as a widespread problem in the Netherlands.

In early 2022, the Dutch government appointed its first ever High Commissioner for combating inappropriate behaviour and sexual violence, a new role tasked with coming up with a plan to tackle sexually inappropriate behaviour and sexual violence.


But according to the Dutch government’s own website, it is aware that sexual harassment and sexual violence will not disappear overnight and that government cannot solve the problem alone.


The Dutch National Action Programme (NAP) was launched in early 2023 and aims to tackle sexual harassment and sexual violence. The NAP’s development was informed by Fairspace and more than 100 other organisations and experts.


As the programme is implemented throughout the Netherlands, we will continue to work together with government institutions towards a society where sexual harassment, street harassment and other forms of unwanted behaviour are no longer tolerated, and where everyone can live with dignity and respect.

The Facts


More than 100,000 people report sexual assault every year in the Netherlands, 90 percent of whom are women
harassment goverment icon Fairspace

2 out of 3 women reported that they were harassed on Dutch streets in 2021, according to figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics

Microagression_Policy icon

More than 1 in 3 civil servants surveyed at the Dutch parliament have experienced transgressive behavior such as bullying and sexual harassment

This is how we can change it  together

Our Government services are for:


  • Local municipalities
  • Local authorities (public safety enforcers (handhavers), law enforcement)
  • National government bodies (Ministry offices, Parliament, Executive bodies)

All of our services can be offered on their own or in combination with other services. 

All share the same goal: to end harassment for everyone in the Netherlands.

Safety & Inclusion in the workplace training
Option 1. Full training package

Get a comprehensive understanding of the workplace culture within your office or institution and a long-term, actionable roadmap for positive change

What it is

Our training package follows our 4-step approach:

  1. Asses
    1. We evaluate the workplace culture ecosystem using easy-to-use tools that dive deep without requiring too much time for busy teams and leadership
  2. Train
    1. We develop a tailored suite of trainings that tap into the insights from step 1 and engage teams through immersive, relevant and practical activities (see Safety & Inclusion in the Workplace training for topics covered in these trainings)
  3. Act
    1. We prepare  teams to implement change with clear, actionable and time-bound recommendations and quick tips that can be easily implemented and started right away
  4. Sustain
    1. Our clients see the value in sustained collaboration. That’s why we offer several options for continued support on your path to an inclusive and safe workplace including: tailored train-the-trainer workshops, onboarding & pressure-cooker sessions and expert guidance for leadership

What you get

  • An understanding of how workplace harassment is defined
  • Concrete tools to help build a more positive workplace culture
  • Options for a culture audit, workshops for teams and leaders tailored to your workplace, support in company policy & protocol review, recommendations on corporate communications and HR strategy, annual refreshers and more
4-6 weeks

Safety & Inclusion in the workplace training
Option 2. Training only

You’re looking for:

  • A tailored introduction to challenges and solutions to workplace safety & inclusion
  • A (series of) pilot training(s) to secure support for a longer-term investment in building a positive workplace culture

What it is

  • Customised workshops
  • Use interactive tools and action rounds to create an open and safe space.
  • Motivates colleagues to learn and exchange
  • Covers topics like:
    • Bystander intervention
    • Inclusive leadership
    • Navigating high-powered stakeholders
    • Victim-blaming
    • Power and privilege
    • Unconscious bias
    • Incident response
    • Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB)
    • Non-violent communication
    • and more

What you get

The framework, the practical tools and the pro tips to build safe and inclusive workplace cultures

2 hours per training

Realisation & upscaling of policy and action plans

Carry out and/or scale activities outlined by policies and Action Plans on transgressive behaviour, social safety & inclusion with a trusted implementing partner

What it is

Development, execution and monitoring of community-based activities in accordance with local and national policies and action plans


Examples include:

  • Community bystander intervention training
  • Community events
  • Campaign design
  • Online and digital tool creation
  • Co-created community solutions

See for a full list and descriptions of all of the activities that we realise for local municipalities and national government partners see Community activities

What you get

  •  A trusted and experienced implementing partner with a proven track record
  • Access to our national network of trainers and experts to help realise – and scale – priority social safety activities

Policy advice

Expert input to help inform and shape local or national laws or policies

What it is

Written or verbal input and expertise on:


    1. Policy approach and strategy
    2. (National) Action Plans
    3. Current and future legislation

What you get

  • Clear recommendations
  • A policy brief
  • Verbal input based on what’s needed

Train-the-trainer sessions

Invest in sustainable and scalable internal training capacity

What it is

Tailored workshops designed to equip public sector leaders with the know-how and confidence to facilitate workshops on the topics of safety and inclusion themselves

What you get

  • A customised guide, tools and pro tips to increase capacity as trainers and active bystanders
  • Our sessions empower employees, improve knowledge transfer, and contribute to your office or institution’s success
2 to 4 hours per workshop (minimum of 2 workshops)

Public awareness campaign expertise

Reach a wider public audience with your messaging and position on social safety & inclusion

What it is

  • Strategic input on campaigns
  • Support to municipalities and national governments to raise awareness. around street harassment and bystander intervention
  • Examples include:
    • Posters 
    • Social media

What you get

  • Custom campaign strategy, design or advice based on your needs
  • A public awareness tool that has the potential to positively impact everyone in your community

Speaking: Inspire and call to action

Inspiring talks and call to actions around social safety & inclusion of industry experts

What it is

  • Speaking at conferences and events with policyholders, government representatives and stakeholders from the field
  • Bringing attention to the importance of putting sexual harassment, violence and bystander intervention on the political agenda

What you get

  • A tailored talk that offers real-world expertise and cases
  • An opportunity to ask questions directly to the experts



Collaborated with 15 government institutions on policy development, policy realisation, campaign design, and workplace training

Local icon

Developed or provided input to local policy plans and public campaigns combating street harassment for the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Tilburg and Utrecht.

The Netherlands icon government

Advised the development of the Netherlands’ National Action Programme to Address Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence

Law icon

Contributed to the Netherlands’ new Sexual Offences Law

Take a look at our recent projects for the government 

Government partners

What people say about us

"Fairspace is a pleasant and reliable collaborative partner for the Municipality of Rotterdam. In 2022, they conducted bystander intervention workshops, a crucial component of our approach to tackling sexual street harassment under the 'prevention' pillar. Additionally, Fairspace is one of the partners in the Safety Alliance 'Natuurlijk Samen,' a platform addressing the (social) safety of women and LGBTQIA+ individuals in public spaces in Rotterdam."

"Through the 'We Take Lead' project, Fairspace, along with several other organizations, delivered an impressive end product despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. The result was the podcast 'Straatvonk,' featuring young people from different areas of the city discussing social norms on the streets. Fairspace has consistently demonstrated willingness to contribute insights to address policy-related questions and challenges that the municipality encounters."

City of Rotterdam

"A 4,4 out of 5 stars for this session!"

Ministry of Foreign AffairsResult from group evaluation by workshops participants

“I have heard many people speak very positively about the training, and they are deeply engaged with it. Thank you for creating such a safe atmosphere”

Workshop participant government institution

Let’s create

safe spaces together

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