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Workplace harassment happens in companies everywhere, even if we don’t always see or hear about it

Creating a positive workplace culture where all team members feel safe, included and respected isn’t easy. The good news is that it’s becoming more and more talked about and companies are taking action. But there’s much more work to be done


Workplace harassment continues to lead to decreased productivity, low morale, high turnover rates, and toxic work cultures, hindering organisational success and growth

The Facts

1 in 5

People have experienced violence and harassment at work, whether physical, psychological or sexual

1 in 3

Women experience some form of sexual harassment at work


Black women are 4 times more likely to experience harassment at work than white women

Creating cultures of respect at work

A complex challenge calls for solutions that meet companies where they are,

in order to trigger a lasting positive culture shift from within


We’re not your typical trainer on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging


Our trainings are tailored to the needs and availability of: 


  • HR and People & Culture
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Learning & development
  • Training & development
  • New employees (onboarding)
  • Managers, directors and the C-Suite
  • Internal trainers or subject matter experts

We make sure to customise every session and to keep things practical.
We meaningfully engage team members at all levels around sensitive topics
at the workplace, including:


  • Harassment & bullying
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging (DEIB)
  • Unconscious bias
  • Navigating power & privilege 
  • Bystander intervention
  • Non-violent communication

All of our work can be delivered in-person and virtually. 

Our trainers and content designers speak English, Dutch, French, Spanish, and more.


Our Workplace services are for:


  • Teams 
  • Leadership (managers, supervisors, executive leadership, C-Suite)

All of our services can be offered on their own or in combination with other services. 

All share the same goal: to end workplace harassment.

Safety & Inclusion in the workplace training

Option 1. Full training package

Gain a deeper understanding of company culture and get long-term and actionable solutions

What it is

Our training package follows our 4-step approach:

  1. Asses
    1. We evaluate the workplace culture ecosystem using easy-to-use tools that dive deep without requiring too much time for busy teams and leadership
  2. Train
    1. We develop a tailored suite of trainings that tap into the insights from step 1 and engage teams through immersive, relevant and practical activities
  3. Act
    1. We prepare teams to implement change with clear, actionable and time-bound recommendations and quick tips that can be easily implemented and started right away
  4. Sustain
    1. Our clients see the value in sustained collaboration. That’s why we offer several options for continued support on your path to an inclusive and safe workplace including: tailored train-the-trainer workshops, onboarding & pressure-cooker sessions and expert guidance for leadership

What you get

  • An understanding of how workplace harassment is defined at your company
  • Concrete tools to help teams and leadership build a more positive workplace culture
  • Options for a culture audit, workshops for teams and leaders tailored to your workplace, support in company policy & protocol review, recommendations on corporate communications and HR strategy, annual refreshers and more
4-6 weeks

Safety & Inclusion in the workplace training

Option 2. Training only

You or your colleagues want:

  • A tailored introduction to challenges and solutions to workplace safety & inclusion
  • A (series of) pilot training(s) to secure support for a longer-term investment in building a positive workplace culture

What it is

  • Customised workshops that use interactive tools and action rounds
  • An open and safe space that motivates colleagues to learn and exchange
  • Covers topics like: 
    • Bystander intervention
    • Inclusive leadership
    • Unconscious bias
    • Victim-centered approach to incident response
    • And other topics upon request

What you get

The framework, the practical tools and the pro tips to enable you or your colleagues to build safe and inclusive workplace cultures

2 hours per training

Train-the-trainer sessions - for teams and leadership

Invest in sustainable and scalable internal training capacity

What it is

Tailored workshops designed to equip company leaders with the know-how and confidence to facilitate workplace safety and inclusion trainings themselves

What you get

  • A customised guide, tools and pro tips to increase capacity as trainers and active bystanders
  • Our sessions empower, improve knowledge transfer, and contribute to the overall success for your company
 2 – 4 hours per workshop (minimum of 2 workshops)

Online & digital tool creation

A tailored online or digital learning tool on workplace safety & inclusion that can be used company-wide

What it is

  • New or adapted online tools and e-learning platforms
  • Encourage learning and track progress on topics like bystander intervention, workplace harassment and more
  • Examples include:
    • Adapting or adding modules to an existing company internal e-learning platform
    • Developing a new customised e-learning platform or online learning tool

Developing new or adapting existing workplace safety & inclusion toolkits on topics like bystander intervention, workplace safety & inclusion, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging and more

What you get

  • An easy-to-use, practical learning tool that measures learning progress.
  • A way to ensure understanding of and compliance with workplace harassment policies.
  • A self-paced space for team members and leadership to practice applying bystander intervention strategies based on cases customised to your workplace.

Speaking: Inspire and call to action

Inspiring talks and call to actions around social safety & inclusion of industry experts

What it is

Speaking at company events to bring attention to sexual harassment, sexual violence and bystander intervention in the workplace

What you get

A tailored talk that offers real-world expertise and cases and an opportunity to ask questions directly to the experts

Impact numbers


Team members and company leaders trained

We’ve worked with companies with teams in 6 countries:
The Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, United States & India  

Take a look at our recent projects for the organisations & workplaces

Our partners

What people say about us

“Very positive experience that got colleagues thinking. Different workshops for different audiences (think management vs. departments that have a lot to do with this topic, such as HR, Marketing). Good to have a conversation about this. The fact that the workshops were so interactive was seen as most useful. People liked the fact that it led to discussions instead of just 'sending' information. The aim was to start a conversation about this and it made people think about D&I in a different way and be more aware of it”

AB&C Group

"Every conversation was approached with trust and insightfulness, which made me feel welcomed, seen and safe to show up as my full self : a true rarity in today's increasingly pressurised professional space"

Brooke Cretzstrategic advisor

"Working with Fairspace has been highly valuable for us as a company. From the start they have been incredibly thorough, professional and approachable, and of course very knowledgeable. They really took the time to get to know our company’s culture and areas where we needed to improve. We started collaborating well before the pandemic and increased attention to oppression of BIPOC. Eve and Laura were very agile in adapting the course material to both a virtual format and tailoring it to focus on racial injustice. In our case we sought to make these accessible, more entry-level workshops and Fairspace was very successful in fulfilling that. We have had very positive feedback from colleagues who have participated!"

David MorroweBay Classifieds Group

"Laura created a safe and engaging space for critical reflection. She introduced us to the main concepts related to diversity and inclusion and invited us to reflect on different sources of power. This was very helpful for our group of participants to get everyone on the same page before taking the conversations to a deeper level. We appreciated her engaging way of using different online co-creation boards and valued her stimulation when we got stuck in an exercise. After the training with Fairspace, as a team we kept working with the materials provided. As a next step, outcomes from the exercises will be integrated in our strategic plan. Examples that we have identified as ‘bright stars’ that deserve more attention in our ways of working are inclusive hiring processes, communication modifications as well as creating safe spaces for non-conventional issues to flourish in our network."

Share-Net NederlandSecretariat

"In collaboration with Fairspace, we hosted a webinar for our network about inappropriate behavior in the workplace. Laura shared in an accessible way how inappropriate behavior is defined, in which forms it presents itself, but also what you can do about it when you or a colleague is confronted with it. Our participants were very enthusiastic about the stimulating examples and statements and the opportunity to actively participate during the session. We look back on a great collaboration with Fairspace, which is certainly worth repeating!"

Lotte RensenDirector Ambitieuze Meisjes

“In collaboration with Fairspace, Cordaid organized an online event on “workplace safety”, in which colleagues from all over the world participated. We dove into what it means to have a safe workplace, why it is important for everyone and especially how we can all contribute to making our workplace a safe environment, in which everybody can work free from harassment. The communication and cooperation with Fairspace is smooth and pleasant and we hope to work with Fairspace more often in the future”

Anne KwakkenbosGender Expert, Cordaid

“You created the right atmosphere for us to take this training with a smile and serious outlook. Thank you for the tools provided. I am definitely going to benefit a lot from this”

Participant Training of Trainers

“I just wanted to thank you, and especially Sara of course, for the workshop at Steam in September! It was a real success and was very well received. On the day itself and the week after, everyone kept talking about it. The workshop is now often mentioned by management as a nice and successful example, when we tell partners/clients about our newly established CSR policy and the concrete steps we are taking (of which your workshop was one). So thank you for that!”


"A great workshop for becoming aware of your behavior and that of others, concise and interactive with good statements!"

Netherlands Enterprise Agency

"The training has helped me to identify my blind spots and understand how even innocent comments can compromise social safety."

De Tussenvoorziening

"I found it especially interesting to listen to others and discover their perspectives. This has provided me with a better understanding of the work environment I'm in and where everyone stands within it."

Herman Brood Academie

"The training has aided me in genuinely listening to others and improving my ability to empathize without making assumptions."

Bureau Integriteit, Gemeente Amsterdam

"The training reminded me that situations I might find less hurtful could be hurtful to someone else. I always try to be considerate of others, but it's good to have this brought to my attention again."

Netherlands Enterprise Agency

“I really liked the way the workshop was facilitated; it was quite interactive, informative, and well balanced in structure. I was also grateful for the experience and chance to attend something like this, especially with new colleagues and in a small team setting where it feels more can be accomplished.”

What Design Can Do

Let’s create

safe spaces together

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