Who we are and what drives us

Fairspace is based in the Netherlands. We’re part of an international network of grassroots organizations and are powered by a local passionate team, made up of trainers, scholars, policy advisors, and creatives.

Fairspace builds safe, inclusive public spaces. Our vision is for a society in which everyone in the Netherlands, regardless of sex, race, gender or gender expression, feels safe moving through public spaces.


  • Volunteer applications are rolling. Email info@fairspace.co to learn more!

Eve Aronson

Eve co-founded Fairspace in 2017, which grew out Hollaback! Nederland, the Dutch branch of the New York-based non-profit Hollaback! that Eve started in Amsterdam in 2015. In her spare time, she likes to discover new places and have a gezellig drink with friends. Eve lives in Amsterdam and works as a Business Developer and Project Manager for a social design studio.

Laura Adèr

Laura met Eve in December 2015 and since then they have been working together on ending street harassment and founding Fairspace to do so. Laura also works at Aidsfonds and founded Books + Cardamom. In her free time, she loves cooking (and eating), books and dancing.

Hien Ngo

Hien joined Fairspace in 2018 and is in charge of design and events. In her spare time she likes to paint and travel. Hien lives in Zwolle and studies Global Project and Change Management at Windesheim Honours College.

Martina Kalcic

Martina joined Fairspace at the end of 2017. She is in charge of video campaign and is also a part of workshop development and facilitation team. Martina lives in Amsterdam and is currently preparing to apply for a Ph.D. program. In her spare time, she loves to play tabletop games, experiment with new cake recipes, travel and discover hidden parts of the city.

Simone de Jonge

Simone joined Fairspace in 2017 and is in charge of workshop development and facilitation. In her spare time, she likes to run, cook, and travel. Simone lives in Amsterdam and works as a civil servant.

Sophie Silverstein

Sophie joined Fairspace in 2017 and is in charge of workshop development and facilitating. In her spare time she like reading and cooking for her friends. Sophie lives in Utrecht and studies Gender Studies.

Supervisory Board:

Rahmin Bender

Rahmin Bender, Ph.D., is an Entrepreneur, Social Psychologist, and Academic focusing on the application of design research and creativity on innovation, business, and policy in an international and multi-cultural context. His passion is learning and working with diverse people around the world and elevating the voices of unrepresented populations in entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation within the global discourse.

Miranda Valkenburg

Miranda is a freelance editor, interim manager and communication consultant. For over 25 years she has worked as a manager in higher education, mainly in technology and IT. She holds various management and advisory positions, including at Tijdschrift Lover and Stichting Civitas. She likes to write, read, travel, watch films and visit festivals.

Marloes van der Linden

Marloes works as a (financial) project consultant on various assignments in the public sector and also has an extensive background in education. Marloes met Laura in 2019 and immediately became enthusiastic about what Fairspace stands for: working on a safe and inclusive (public) space and would like to contribute to it. Marloes lives in Rotterdam, loves music and enjoys swimming, cycling, eating and reading in her spare time.

Sjoerd van Elsen

Sjoerd is a communication professional in the public sector with experience in online communication, press information, target group communication and corporate communication. Sjoerd works at Aidsfonds – Soa Aids Nederland as a communication advisor and project leader. Sjoerd enjoys dancing, writing and walking.

Join Fairspace and help us change the way people experience public space in the Netherlands!

We empower our team to design their own actions. That means if you have an idea, a plan and passion to get it started, we make it happen. Fairspace is looking for people who are passionate about using their skills and background to fight public injustice and to make our streets safer. We’re all about thinking outside of the box and working together for real impact.

A global movement against street harassment

Fairspace grew out of Hollaback!, a worldwide movement that uses education and technology to achieve gender justice in public spaces.

As of November 2017, Hollaback! Nederland became part of Stichting Fairspace. Creating our new home under the umbrella of Fairspace is not only exciting – it makes our home in the Netherlands official and opens us up to greater partnership and funding opportunities.