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Tackle harassment and build a positive workplace culture

Workplace safety and inclusion package

Diversity and inclusion are becoming increasingly critical to building positive and motivated workplace cultures. Our remote or in-person sessions are designed to challenge, engage and dive deep. We use interactive tools, (virtual) action rounds and multimedia formats to create an open space for exchange. Colleagues walk away with the framework, the practical tools and the pro tips to enable them to build safe and inclusive workplace cultures.

Our workshops focus on topics including:

  • Bystander intervention
  • Accountable leadership
  • Navigating high-powered stakeholders
  • Victim-centred approach
  • Power and privilege
  • Unconscious bias
  • Incident response
  • Diversity, equity & inclusion
  • Training-of-trainers

Practical information

*We offer discounted rates for ongoing trainings (e.g., as part of your company’s regular onboarding)

4-step programme benefiting people & business

Our 4-step programme offers companies a comprehensive and value-adding approach to workplace safety and inclusion. It includes a culture audit, anti-harassment workshops for staff and managers tailored to your workplace, support in company policy & protocol review, recommendations on corporate communications and HR strategy and annual refreshers.

1. Assess

Evaluating the workplace culture ecosystem using easy-to-use tools that dive deep without requiring too much time for busy teams and leadership

2. Train

Developing a tailored suite of trainings that tap into the insights from step 1 and engage teams through immersive, relevant and practical activities

3. Act

Preparing teams to implement change with clear, actionable and time-bound recommendations and quick tips that can be easily implemented and started right away.

4. Sustain

Our clients see the value in sustained collaboration. That's why we offer several options for continued support on your path to an inclusive and safe workplace including: tailored Training of Trainers workshops, onboarding & pressure-cooker sessions and expert guidance for leadership


  • 1 hour needs exploration session
  • 1 team-wide culture audit
  • 2 hours of policy review
  • 3 tailor-made workshops
  • Actionable recommendation package
  • Dedicated trainer(s)
€ 7,650


  • 2.5 hours needs exploration session(s)
  • 1 team-wide culture audit
  • 5 hours of policy review
  • 5 tailor-made workshops
  • Actionable recommendation package
  • Visual roadmap OR co-created manifesto
  • Dedicated trainer(s)
€ 11,250


  • 4 hours needs exploration session(s)
  • 1 company-wide culture audit
  • 8 hours of policy review
  • 10 tailor-made workshops
  • Actionable recommendation package
  • Visual roadmap
  • Co-created manifesto
  • Dedicated trainer(s)
€ 19,850

Custom packages: Contact us to build a custom pathway for your company

* All training activities can be virtual or in-person, regardless of the package.
Larger companies of 100+ people, please contact us for a tailored quote:
Student associations receive a 50% discount on our Basic package
All-in pricing excludes VAT if work performed in the Netherlands as well as international travel expenses


"Working with Fairspace has been highly valuable for us as a company. From the start they have been incredibly thorough, professional and approachable. And of course very knowledgeable. They really took the time to get to know our company’s culture and areas where we needed to improve. We started collaborating well before the pandemic and increased attention to oppression of BIPOC. Eve and Laura were very agile in adapting the course material to both a virtual format and tailoring it to focus on racial injustice. In our case we sought to make these accessible, more entry-level workshops and Fairspace was very successful in fulfilling that. We have had very positive feedback from colleagues who have participated!"

David Morrow
eBay Classifieds Group

"Laura created a safe and engaging space for critical reflection. She introduced us to the main concepts related to diversity and inclusion and invited us to reflect on different sources of power. This was very helpful for our group of participants to get everyone on the same page before taking the conversations to a deeper level. We appreciated her engaging way of using different online co-creation boards and valued her stimulation when we got stuck in an exercise. After the training with Fairspace, as a team we kept working with the materials provided. As a next step, outcomes from the exercises will be integrated in our strategic plan. Examples that we have identified as ‘bright stars’ that deserve more attention in our ways of working are inclusive hiring processes, communication modifications as well as creating safe spaces for non-conventional issues to flourish in our network."

Share-Net Nederland

"In collaboration with Fairspace, we hosted a webinar for our network about inappropriate behavior in the workplace. Laura shared in an accessible way how inappropriate behavior is defined, in which forms it presents itself, but also what you can do about it when you or a colleague is confronted with it. Our participants were very enthusiastic about the stimulating examples and statements and the opportunity to actively participate during the session. We look back on a great collaboration with Fairspace, which is certainly worth repeating!"

Lotte Rensen
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Creating cultures of respect at work

Our trainings are tailored to the needs and availability of HR, communication teams, new employees (onboarding), managers, directors and the C-Suite. We make sure to customise every session and to keep things practical. 

Transforming public spaces doesn’t end on the street – our workplace sessions are catered to the needs of businesses for quick, digestible and actionable information and tools to build better work environments.

Winner MensenrechtenMens 2019

Fairspace founders Laura Adèr and Eve Aronson have won the 2019 MensenrechtenMens award for their commitment to tackling violence against women in public spaces. The prize was awarded on December 10, the International Human Rights Day.

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