Workplace harassment

Not your typical workplace training

Diversity and inclusion are becoming increasingly critical to building positive and motivated workplace cultures. Our remote or in-person sessions are designed to challenge, engage and dive deep. We use interactive tools, (virtual) action rounds and multimedia formats to create an open space for exchange. Colleagues walk away with the framework, the practical tools and the pro tips to enable them to step up and speak out as bystanders at work.

Our workshops focus on topics including:

  • Workplace harassment
  • Power and privilege
  • Bystander intervention
  • 4D methodology

We make sure to customise every session and to keep things practical.

Our trainings are are tailored to the needs and availability of HR, communication teams, new employees (onboarding), managers, directors and the C-Suite.

Practical information

  • typically 1.5 hours (timing flexible depending on needs)
  • Contact us to request a quote*

*We offer discounted rates for ongoing trainings (e.g. as part of your company’s regular onboarding)

Creating cultures of respect at work

In 2019, Fairspace launched its workplace harassment trainings with partner eBay/Marktplaats. Transforming public spaces doesn’t end on the street – our workplace sessions are catered to the needs of businesses for quick, digestible and actionable information and tools to build better work environments.

“The City of Amsterdam wants to prevent and end street harassment in Amsterdam. Fairspace contributes to this through their bystander intervention workshops”

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