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A poor excuse for an apology

By oktober 10, 2016No Comments

A vehicle was parked along Holterbergweg. As I passed by, an employee shouted ‘Sayonara!’ at me. I took a picture of the vehicle and made a complaint to the company.

They replied: “On account of your e-mail of June the first, we spoke with our employe in question. He was not aware of the history facts and the sentiments. You are right, our employe just had good intentions and thought he was being friendly. We are sorry that you perceived otherwise. For the future our employe will take into account that not everybody can appreciate being greeted this way. We consider the matter as closed and we wish you a nice day.”

In other words, the company gave a ‘sorry-not-sorry’ response, insinuating that the blame was on me, for failing to perceive his ‘friendliness.’

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