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Meet Eve, a passionate entrepreneur whose journey from a globetrotting adventurer to a co-founder of Fairspace reflects the transformative power of both life and academic experiences on creating meaningful social impact.

A Journey of Exploration

Originally from the US, Eve’s worldview has been challenged and shaped by the people and places around her. After completing a Bachelor’s in International Development and Middle Eastern languages in Montreal, Canada, Eve embarked on an adventurous journey across the South Pacific, South and East Asia, and the Middle East In 2013, Eve found herself in Utrecht, Netherlands, pursuing a Master’s in Gender Studies. Only a few weeks after settling in Utrecht, Eve met her partner – and future wife. After a short mobility stint in Budapest, Hungary, Eve returned to the Netherlands in 2015 to graduate and to settle with her wife in Amsterdam until 2021, when they relocated to the US.

As a co-founder of Fairspace, Eve’s commitment to social inclusion is, like many who launch organisations for social impact, rooted in personal experiences. From experiencing street harassment around the world herself, to intervening on the streets of Amsterdam, to advocating for bystander intervention in her communities, each experience has fueled Eve’s drive and optimism for a future free of harassment, where looking out for one another is second nature, where every intervention counts.

Overcoming Barriers to Intervention

Eve acknowledges that it’s not in everyone’s nature (even if they’d like it to be!) to feel willing and confident to intervene in a situation, especially when subtle or micro forms of harassment make us doubt ourselves. The “Delay” tool, Eve suggests, is a valuable resource in these instances, allowing individuals to check in discreetly and make a positive impact without escalating the situation.

To encourage and support bystander intervention, Eve advocates for a cultural shift. Regular practice of intervention, leading by example, and positive reinforcement can help normalize this behavior both in public spaces and workplaces.

Eve strongly believes in the power of Fairspace’s people and partners to make the changes needed to build safer, more inclusive societies. She acknowledges that it isn’t always easy but that the more we normalise bystander intervention and self-care around it — the closer we are to the future we want.

Eve A Journey of Fairspace

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