Student Info Fairs

Motivating new students to be active bystanders

Community event

How might we engage new students in the topic of sexual harassment and motivate them to become active bystanders?

A safe and welcoming opportunity for anyone to learn about bystander intervention


A visible stand where people were able to talk with us and learn about the 5Ds


The mobile and multi-day nature of the introduction weeks meant that we were able to reach different cities around the country in just 3 days

IMG 20230821 WA0009 Fairspace
IMG 20230821 WA0005 Fairspace
Students learned about harassment and the tools to Stand Up as active bystanders when witnessing harassment
Cities were engaged: Rotterdam, Nijmegen and Amsterdam


Capacity building

Capacity building

Marketing & promotion

Marketing &


What people say about us

"So good that you guys are doing this work!" - Student

"What will really stick with me: how many students thanked us. We often heard 'thank you for doing this' or 'thank you for being here'. The students, like us, see the importance of these trainings." - Fairspace trainer

"Very helpful to now know how I can do something myself, instead of just getting frustrated." -Student

"My favourite response was a guy who said 'Wow, I really learned something new. When you started I thought, 'What's next?' But this was really educational!'" - Fairspace trainer

"It was a fun, but mostly impactful day. Nice to see that so many students were interested and really took the time to listen, despite all the other things that caught their attention that day." - Fairspace Trainer