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What ‘Sexual Harris Meant?’

By november 26, 2016No Comments

Long time, no post! I have been in the Netherlands for about two weeks now but was unable to post because of computer issues (which have since been resolved). There has been a lot I have wanted to post about, but one of the most pressing is about…(can you guess it?)…SEXUAL HARASSMENT (and being a woman and traveling). So here is a Trigger Warning: sexual assault, harassment, reality.

Am I allowed to shove this in Mr. Dog-butt-cat-caller's face? That's kosher.

Anna Nichols

Anna Nichols is currently on a Watson Fellowship exploring women’s contraceptive choices around the globe and currently in the Netherlands. Her project is titled “Informed Consent, Individual Choice, and Factors Influencing Women’s Conceptive Decision Making”. You can follow her travels on her blog

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