Anti-street harassment week April 12-18!

Are you ready for anti-street harassment week? From April 12-18, at least 35 countries have signed up with Stop Street Harassment to participate in Meet Us On The Street: International Anti-Street Harassment Week!

On April 14, we will be having out launch event at the University of Amsterdam. On April 15, Straat Intimidatie will have a demo in Den Haag.

Other countries participating include:

Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Brazil, Belgium, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Ecuador, Egypt, Fiji, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Kenya, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nepal, The Netherlands, Pakistan, Peru, Romania, Serbia, South Africa, UK, Uruguay, USA, Zimbabwe.

Get involved! Visit: 

And check out our recent feature in Opzjin magazine for more information about local events!

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