Events: 2017 International Anti-Street Harassment Week!

This year, Hollaback! Nederland is excited to be a Co-Sponsor of International Anti-Street Harassment Week!

Join us for our 7th annual week of awareness — April 2-8, 2017 — as we march and hold workshops, tweet chats, artist impressions and peer education to bring attention to this problem & engage our communities in solutions.

For more information on how you can participate, visit Meet Us on the Street!



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3 April: Hollaback! Nederland will participate in a peer-to-peer brainstorming session with men and boys about creative ways to support women and equality. The ‘World Cafe’ will be hosted by our partners at Doetank Peer:



6 April: Hollaback! Nederland and our partners at the Imagine Project of Emancipator and Volta will hold an interactive workshop with school-aged

Young Ambassadors for Safe Streets- 6 April, Volta, Amsterdam
Young Ambassadors for Safe Streets- 6 April, Volta, Amsterdam

boys to encourage critical thinking about street harassment and to take a pledge against street harassment as the first cohort of Young Ambassadors for Safe Streets.

  • Event: Young Ambassadors for Safe Streets
  • Location: Volta (Amsterdam)
  • More info: see flyer —————————————>



7 April: Hollaback! Nederland, along with local artist Chloe Matanja and other performers and activists will host Over the Shoulder: Let’s Talk About Street Harassment, an inspirational evening of art, performance and community-building, including a silent auction of Chloe’s photo series, a film screening by Tamara Shogaolu, live performance by spoken word artist, Cissy, a bazaar, an interactive street harassment map and more!

Over the Shoulder- Let's Talk About Street Harassment; 7 April; Seven Studio Amsterdam
Over the Shoulder- Let’s Talk About Street Harassment; 7 April; Seven Studio Amsterdam

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Whether through transforming experiences on our streets, in bars and nightclubs, in schools or in the workplace, we tailor our services to the needs of our partners. Our work focuses on three impact areas: Education, Co-creation and Policy advice.